Drywall Lamination

Hide Unsightly Wall Finishes

Hide Unsightly Wall Finishes

Take advantage of our drywall lamination services

Choose Prowalls as your go-to drywall contractor. Our drywall lamination services include:

Paneling - In certain scenarios, drywall over the paneling is acceptable. Call us for a free consultation.
Texture - In some cases, drywall installed over that thick textured wall is acceptable and in other cases skim coating may be more cost-efficient. Call us for a free visit!
Wallpaper - All wallpaper is not created equal! There are 3 options: removal, lamination or skim coating. Call us for a free consultation!
Skim Coating - Remove wallpaper and apply a skim coat, remove paneling and apply a skim coat or apply a skim coat over a textured wall

Discuss your drywall needs with us to explore your options.

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Find out what we can do

Cover uneven textures and block out loud noises with Prowalls. Our team in Oak Forest, IL has around 20 years of industry experience and knowledge and will complete your drywall lamination right the first time.

We provide free estimates for all of our residential drywall services and will work with your schedule. Call 708-415-2408 now to claim your estimate.